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ONLINE PASSOVER SEDER | Read Exodus 12 about God's plan of salvation for His people. The great Passover feast was one of the greatest 'types' of Christ in the Old Testament, and it is so prophetic for our own days and what is happening in our times. Are we nearing our exodus, the rapture? We'd like to invite you to be a part of our Passover Seder this coming Wednesday, April 8th at 7PM. We will be both live-streaming on Facebook and offering Zoom participation as well. (links below).

If you would like to join us you will have to prepare your house for the feast. Aside from removing any leaven from your house (some Israelis just sequester all their bread, cereal and yeast in a cupboard or outside), you will have to prepare your meal along with additional items to follow along as we go through the Haggadah (the order of the Seder). You are welcome to join us even if you have not been able to get all or any of these items, but we sugest preparing at least the matzo (matza bread) and grape juice since Passover is fulfille in the Lord's Supper.

You will need:
Grape Juice (often kosher wine)
Matza (found in Safeway in the Jewish section). You may substitute this with any unleavened bread or wafer (like lavosh).

For the Seder plate:
- Shankbone/chicken wing
- Hard boiled egg
- Charoset-- equal portions of apples, dates, walnuts blended (or apple sauce if you're unable to make it)

I found a helpful video that explains this process. You will not need to make the plate itself but it would be good to have the listed elements. How to prepare your Seder plate:

Also, have a bowl of salty water ready for dipping.

For the meal:
Whatever is considered a "nice" meal at your house. Doesn't have to be lamb if you can't get any. Roast chicken has worked for us in the past as well.

You can add these traditional options:
- Matza ball soup (there are good mixes to make from a box) and gefilte fish if you're hard core (but why would you do that?).

- Traditional Jewish Coconut Macaroons.

God commanded His people to celebrate this feast yearly as a "type" to show how He would save the world. Passover gives us a view toward our rapture and future salvation in heaven. We will even leave a chair open for Elijah. Come enjoy one of Israel's greatest holidays with us!FACEBOOK LIVE - Click HERE

ZOOM MEETING ID - 808 476 8237
Password - trc

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