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About our Pastor-

Strat and Doreen were both born in Hawai’i and grew up in Kailua. Strat graduated
from Kalaheo High School and went to college in Hawai’i and southern California. He
didn’t have any real goals in life, and believing what he was taught in the public school
system- that people evolved by random chance from primordial goo on a big rock that
happened to be hurling through space, Strat reached the logical conclusion that life has
no meaning or purpose.

Strat loved to surf and the sport became his god. Strat spent a number of years drifting
through life- surfing, cleaning high rise windows and smoking marijuana. Although he
was an atheist, he started having out-of-body experiences as a child, got into crystals,
communicating with spirits and interacted with UFO's.

Through a series of miraculous experiences (written about in his book, A Different
Life), God got Strat’s attention. His life was then radically changed at the age of 30
while listening to a KLHT (Calvary Chapel) radio broadcast. Sensing the love of God
coming through the Bible teaching on the radio, Strat prayed, “Ok, Jesus. If You are
real, come into my life and forgive my sins.” Strat instantly had a peace that he had
never known, and life suddenly had meaning and purpose. But the best thing of all is
that Strat knows that after this life, he will spend eternity in Heaven.

Realizing that we are created for a purpose, that life truly does have meaning, and that
God loves every one of us so deeply that we can’t fully comprehend it- Strat’s life was
completely changed. His supreme desire now is to know God more fully, and to help
others come to know God in a full, life-changing way.

About a year after receiving Jesus as his Lord and Savior, Strat sold his high-rise
window cleaning business and spent nine months in the South Pacific nation of Tonga
as a missionary. He returned to Hawaii where he was eventually ordained and served
as the associate pastor of Calvary Chapel Windward for five years.

Strat met Doreen in 1996 and they were married in ‘97. Strat and Doreen served on
staff in the U.S. office of a missions organization in Texas for 10 years. Doreen served in
the Donor Services department and Strat served as the coordinator of the Church
Relations department and spoke in churches across the U.S. about the need for the
Gospel in unreached areas of the world.

Strat also served for a year as the U.S. Executive Director of another missions
organization that trains independent pastors in India. Strat and Doreen started a
Calvary Chapel fellowship in Renton, Washington where Strat pastored for three years
before Strat and Doreen returned to Hawai’i. Strat became the pastor of The Ranch
Church in 2022.

He has authored three books: How to Know the Will of God (a book about walking
closely with God and being led by Him), The Place of Joy (a book about living the life of joy that God wants each of us to live), and A Different Life (a book that shares how
Strat came from a place of being an atheist- having out-of-body experiences, using
crystals, interacting with spirits and contacting UFO's, to a life of following Christ). The
books are available on Amazon or for free at the church.


Strat is currently writing his fourth book- an evangelistic book on prophecy which he
plans to give away to as many people as possible. 

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